Environmental Curriculum

According to research, time spent outdoors in the natural world serves to reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-confidence, build community and collaboration, and improve focus.   Given these findings, P.S. 154 has developed a robust K – 5 immersive outdoor, environmental curriculum.  Each grade level studies one theme throughout the school year, and ideas studied build upon one another from one grade to the next.  Students participate in active, exploratory learning in the classroom, our outdoor garden space, and, most notably, on outdoor trips throughout the school year.  Our curriculum at each grade level is designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Below are the environmental curriculum themes for each grade level.

  • Kindergarten: Plants, Trees, and Forests
  • 1st Grade: Plant and Animal Survival
  • 2nd: Rivers, Ponds, and Marshes
  • 3rd: Birds
  • 4th: Native Americans’ Use of the Environment
  • 5th: Human Impact on Ecosystems