Grades 3-5

At P.S. 154, our 3rd – 5th graders are our upper grade students.  In these grades, we focus our social emotional work on being not only “powerful” citizens, but also “powerful” leaders.  Students participate in academic classes as independent thinkers with unique ideas to be shared and debated.  As students become more proficient readers, writers, and mathematicians, they begin engaging in real world problem solving, partaking in book clubs, conducting their own research, and writing for authentic audiences.  Below are the highlights of our 3 – 5 program.

  • Focus on what it means to be a “powerful” leader
  • Students attend departmentalized classes
  • Teachers College Reading and Writing Project units of study in literacy
  • Inquiry-based math curriculum using TERC and Contexts for Learning
  • Focus on real-world engagement
  • Outdoor learning continues!